HORIBA MEXA-730λ-----Portable air-fuel ratio analyzer

China GuangDong

Jul 26, 2010

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 HORIBA MEXA-730λ-----Portable air-fuel ratio analyzer

 HORIBA MEXA-730λ-----Portable air-fuel ratio analyzer

 HORIBA MEXA-730λ-----Portable air-fuel ratio analyzer

To achieve the ideal state of automobile engine combustion and purification automobile exhaust necessary air-fuel ratio test equipment. This equipment HORIBA condensed the latest air-fuel ratio detection technology. HORIBA air-fuel ratio detection technology in the car exhaust analysis with the world leading position in the world, has a lot of users. 80ms about the response speed of measuring range is wider, small volume and the design (weight were only 1/3. The traditional MEXA - 700 lambda adopted widely used worldwide HORIBA of air-fuel ratio measurement technique, the essence of the highest level of performance. The new type of air-fuel ratio analyzer MEXA - 73 lambda not only kept the original model, through the powerful features of the novel design, enhance the visibility and operation convenience. Using innovative sensor data in memory function, can be restored in advance when necessary, in case of missing data backup data, can save Settings, save your precious time. This device can meet your various needs, including testing of air-fuel ratio, excess air coefficient and oxygen concentration of laboratory analysis and on-board real-time measurement. Usage: · engine, engine, engine research and set-up, car testing, calibration laboratory experiments, ECU car To meet your various USES of measurement of air-fuel ratio needs
Adopts special-purpose inducer of air-fuel ratio tests to ensure stability test: in order to meet the development of GouKe measuring conditions, not in general, but use car type sensor of air-fuel ratio test of special sensors. For all of us sensor to ensure strict inspection instrument accuracy. MEXA - 73 lambda as a measure of air-fuel ratio of the standard unit, be reliable accuracy and stability.

? High-speed response only about 80ms response time.
? Wide range of engines, including applicable rareness burning engine.
? UEGO sensor precision of each sensor factory inspection, guarantee the accuracy of
? Compact design capacity (130 x 170 x 75mm), weight (subject about 1.1 kg) are only 1/3.
? Strong commonality, but can not only can on-board multi-channel combinations and
installation and 19 inches in the cabinet.

Range: A/F: 3.99 ~ 500.0
Lambda: 0.275 ~ 30.00
O2:0.00 ~ 99.99 flowering %

A/F ratio accuracy (range scope of the suretyship 200A/F) 9.5 - Under normal atmospheric pressure, (when using) :
With three points calibration (9.5 A/F ratio, yield point 60.0 A/F),
95 A/F ~ equivalent points: ± 0.3 within
A/F Equivalent points: within ± 0.1mm A/F

Equivalent points ~ 20.00 A/F: ± 0.3 within
A/F 20.01 ~ 30.00 A/F: ± 0.7 within
A/F 30.01 ~ 40.00 per day A/F: ± 1.0 within
A/F 40.01 ~ 50.00 A/F: within ± 1.5 A/F 50.01 ~ 60.00 / artwork A/F: ± 2.0 within
A/F 60.01 ~ 80.00 A/F: ± 6.0 within
A/F 80.01 ~ 100.0 A/F: ± 9.0 within
A/F 100.1 ~ 150.0 A/F: ± median within
A/F 150.1 ~ two A/F: 38.0 ± within A/F

The response time standards (80 milliseconds 150 milliseconds)
Digital input and output 232C (RS) - Analog output 0 ~ 5V DC (can fine-tune)
H/C nansan 0.00 ~ 99.9 (key)
O/C nansan 0.000 ~ 6.811 (key)
Standard gas air or gas standards Container vibration 294m 0 ~ / s2 Power 30V DC10, 50W ~ Shape dimension of 130 (wide) x170 (thick) x75 (high) mm Weight about 1.1 kg (control unit), UEGO sensor technology specifications (each sensor are attached to the data table), Sample temperature degrees: - 7-9 ° c Heating temperature control: the PID control 6 for size: 22mm Tightening torques: 40 ± 4N?m
Standard accessories: UEGO sensor, 1 sensor cable (10m) 1, DC power supply, recorder wire 1 January Optional: AC adapter, double channel enclosure supporting components (AC adapter cable (was), sensors and 20m), calibration equipment, sensors, bolt, nut is fixed 232C rs-five cable